Centennial of the Armenian Genocide: we are all part

In one month, 100 years of the Armenian Genocide will commemorate and important activities will held in Buenos AIres, starting this Thursday March 19 with a Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires.

The Centennial Commission of the Armenian Genocide of Argentina, in which are represented all Armenian institutions and had received also volunteers, yesterday gave a press conference announcing the full program of activities.

There is also an official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/centenariodelgenocidioarmenio), which is one of the most active pages of the diaspora and is constantly updated with different content and information about each event.

It is very important that the whole community participate, primarily assisting massively to the acts, but can work also sharing information on social media, inviting to events to their contacts, placing posters in shops and other daily activities in which everyone can contribute.

One hundred years of unrelenting militancy that characterized the Armenian community of the world and of Argentina with important achievements, should be reflected now more than ever.

We can not allow that the insistence make lose sight of the most basic and painful aspect of this commemoration and lead us to forget its dimension: one hundred years ago, a million and a half people were brutally slaughtered and subjected to all kinds of humiliation only for their Armenian nationality, and that crime against humanity has not yet been repaired. The perpetrator State continues to deny it, but our grandparents and great grandparents were eyewitnesses to this atrocity and we heard their stories, that are also well documented.

We claim for the memory of our martyrs, but not with victimization, but to demand truth and justice, indispensable pillars on which we can build a future of harmonious coexistence and mainly to not have genocide never again anywhere.

So in the activities, in addition to remember the victims, we highlight the triumph of life over barbarism and share our culture and ancient art, that have not been silenced.

It is a very importante message of peace that the Armenian community has to transmit, which transcends our community and warrants the involvement of all.

The bit that everyone can contribute from their place, being present in events, working with diffusion, sum.