Armenia ready to receive Assyrian refugees

The Armenian authorities immediately agreed to the request of the Assyrian community to receive refugees of that nationality who are being displaced from their territories in Syria by the Islamic State ISIS.

The head of the State Migration Service of Armenia, Gagik Yeganyan, said that the Republic of Armenia is committed by law to protect people who suffer persecution, regardless of nationality, guaranteeing legal residence and social and cultural rights. However, he noted that “the problem is they have to reach Armenia in some way so that they can present their problems to the Armenian authorities. They have to write an appealat the border, after which the process prescribed by law begins. ”

The representative of the Assyrian community in Armenia, Razmik Khosroev, requested the government of Serzh Sargsyan to allow the Assyrian refuge in Armenia.

On February 22 the ISIS attacked in Syria 32 villages inhabited by Assyrians, leaving around 1200 families as refugees, according to sources.