Armenia Rose Wine wins gold in France

Armenia Gold Wine has won a gold medal at the annual international competition “Mondial du Rose” in France.

The pure wine brand is a product of Armenia Wine, a leading Armenian winery whose activities and recent achievements were introduced by the company’s chief consultant, Jean-Batiste Soula. “It isn’t possible to make good wine from bad grape. Armenia Wine has created the best conditions in terms of the equipment and technology,” he told reporters.

The company’s chief winemaker, Laurent Dubreuil, added that they have the necessary technical supplies to ensure the highest level production. He agreed that the Armenian grape Areni is the best wine sort to produce a high quality rose wine. “The vineyard selection is the first step. We later check the grape harvest to make sure it is healthy,” he said, adding that repeated quality testing at the plant are the next phases in the production process.

He added that the plant has qualified and skilful winemakers whose conscientious work often brings their products different international prizes and awards.

The company’s chief executive, Narine Badanyan, said they have won prizes in competitions for both red and white wines, adding that the recent international event was the first to feature wine brands from all over the world. He praised the company’s specialists and staff for the success. Badanyan added that the brand is represented on both the domestic and the foreign markets, enjoying especially a great popularity in the United States and France.

“The competition is rather heavy, with the international markets’ geography being big and wide, but the Armenian wine has its unique [flavor], which is due to our grapes,” she said.