Serzh Sargsyan congratulated Pope Francis for his second year of pontificate

SERGE SARKISIAN - POPE FRANCISThe President of the Republic of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan sent a congratulatory message to His Holiness Frances for the second anniversary of his consecration as Pope.

The press office of the Armenian president unveiled the text sent by the Supreme Pontiff Sarkisian:

“I´m hoipeful that your service and care pleasing God will contribute to the establishment of peace, kindness and tolerance in the world on these hard days.

Armenia hardly appreciate the constructive dialogue with the Holly See in different spheres and the expansion of comprehensive bilateral ties stemming from the same Christian value system.

We expect our special relations that stand out for high-level dialogue to continue to develop and reinforce in compliance with the kind traditions formed between Armenia and the Holly See.

I wish you health and inhaustible strengths.

Please, accept, Your Holliness, the assurances of my high consideration”.