RECOMMENDED: Vordan Karmir

282038_202232233163590_3242990_nVordan Karmir is a band from the city of Vanadzor, Armenia. Their music, though related to the rock genre (rather heavy), has a particular touch that distinguishes them from the rest.

They were invited to participate at rock festival in Austin, Texas, to be held soon, so they started an original financial campaign to cover the costs, requesting contributions ranging from US $ 1 (in return the donor will receive a personalized thank-in the official Twitter of the band) to US $ 1,000 (prize: band´s Fender guitar).

Determined to follow the steps of System of a Down, they motivate the public in a suggestive intro video in their website, with a phrase that is hard to resist:

“Together, we will show the worlld that Armenian youth culture is alive, creative, and insipred to reach the stars”.