Pashinyan-Putin meeting kicks off in St. Petersburg

YEREVAN, JUNE 6, ARMENPRESS. The meeting between Armenian Premier Nikol Pashinyan and Russian President Vladimir Putin has kicked off in Konstantinovsky Palace, St. Petersburg city, Russia. The correspondent of ARMENPRESS reports Putin said after shaking hands and being photographed, “I am very glad to welcome you once again, this time in St. Petersburg. The economic forum of St. Petersburg is a good platform for meeting with partners and discussing economic issues. There is no need to discuss bilateral issues, since we do it regularly. Russia is a leading partner for Armenia in terms of trade and many other directions, which shows the good relations between the two countries”.

Nikol Pashinyan told Vladimir Putin that he is also glad for the meeting. “I am very glad to meet you again in St. Petersburg. Last time we met in Nur-Sultan, while we first met a year ago and we had numerous meetings during this one year. Our relations develop steadily. We have not only active bilateral cooperation, but also in the sidelines of the EAEU, CIS and CSTO. I am very glad we have the opportunity to fully develop our relations in the these directions. The economic growth of our country amounted to 9.2% in April. This is a good index not only for Armenia, but also for the EAEU, since our economic achievements are mainly conditioned by our cooperation in the sidelines of the EAEU. This year we have recorded also a significant rise in the visits of Russian tourists to Armenia. Today the Russian language can be heard in any touristic circle. I ask Russian tourists how they feel in Armenia, and they answer that they feel good in Armenia, and it’s obvious that more and more tourists come to Armenia and such interactions can foster the development of our political and economic relations”, Pashinyan said.

On June 6-7, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is in Saint Petersburg on a working visit to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum where he will deliver a speech. Within the framework of the visit, Prime Minister Pashinyan will meet with leaders of different countries, representatives of governments and heads of international organizations. Nikol Pashinyan will meet with the representatives of the Armenian community of Saint Petersburg and will give a press conference.

Edited and translated by Tigran Sirekanyan


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