Armenia should have a single network of Armenian doctors worldwide

The works of the Armenian Medical International Committee should be more coordinated and Armenia should have a single network of Armenian doctors worldwide, ARMENPRESS reports Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said at the solemn opening ceremony of the 5th International Medical Congress of Armenia.

Greeting the participants of the congress, Nikol Pashinyan said that such a network is very important because it will help the Armenian people and Armenia to overcome the stereotype of being small or weak which, unfortunately, has accompanied us for a long time.

“When during similar gatherings we understand what kind of compatriots we have in different parts of the world, when we understand that specialists of international level operate in Armenia and Artsakh, when we see that different countries are proud of Armenian specialists and their achievements, it helps all of us, each Armenian, each citizen, Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora to raise our self esteem”, Pashinyan said.

The Armenian PM noted that the Armenian people have always felt the support of the Armenian Medical International Committee. According to him, that support was invaluable during the days of 1988 earthquake, during the heroic war of Artsakh, as well as dozens and hundreds of Armenian doctors provided assistance to socially vulnerable class following the establishment of the ceasefire regime.

“During this period numerous similar projects have been implemented in Armenia and Artsakh, but today I announce that we have to make the works of the medical congress and the Armenian Medical International Committee in general more coordinated so as to be able to transform the energy into synergy”, Pashinyan said, adding that the more he interacts with Armenian communities in Diaspora, the more he gets surprised at the powerful Armenian figures we have, in this case, in the sphere of healthcare.

“This system should be applied to all the professional spheres. Yes, we should have coordinated networks of Armenian doctors, physicists, mathematicians, servicemen, and scientists. And Armenia should become the center of operation of all those networks. The Government of Armenia is ready to do everything to effectively bring into life this goal and the structural changes that took place in the Government of Armenia recently are also aimed at solving such issues”, Pashinyan concluded.


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