No separate agenda for Armenia and Diaspora – PM

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says there are no separate agendas for Armenia and the Diaspora. According to him, we have a national agenda aimed at achieving national goals.

“There may be discussions, debates, different approaches and views on issues related to the Diaspora in Armenia, but I want to set a task before us, first and foremost before me and our government: we must rule out any such action as may cast doubt on the unprecedented national unity that the Armenian people enjoy today in Armenia, in Iran and in the Diaspora. That unity is out of any political and party interests, our national unity is exalted above all, and we all serve that national unity,” Pashinyan said at a meeting with Armenian community representatives in Tehran.

He hailed the “exceptional service” provided by the Iranian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Armenian Catholic Church, and the Armenian Evangelical Church in the Iranian-Armenian community.

“The fact that all of us are here under the same roof, emphasizes that a truly new chapter has been opened in the history of our people, and each of us has a share to take by writing and creating that part of our history.
The greatest mission of our revolution and the government is that each of us, each one of you, as a whole, not only believes in the future of our homeland, our nation, but also is confident that we will be victorious in the 21st century. This is a new nationwide march with which we should open a new page in our nation’s history. We can record your loyalty to the values that led to the non-violent, velvet popular revolution,” the Prime Minister stated.

“We no longer have separate agendas for Armenia and the Diaspora: we have a national agenda aimed at achieving national goals. I have repeatedly stated that while suffering, our people have always dreamed, we have dreamed of new victories, new happiness and new unity,” he added

Nikol Pashinyan said time has come to materialize our long-cherished dreams, whether it be Armenia’s economic empowerment, the enforcement of Artsakh people’s legitimate demand, or the realization of our dreams.

“We must build our future with our own hands,” he emphasized.

“Our destiny is no longer in the East, in the North and in the South, but in our hands, and as dignified citizens, we must grasp the fate of our destiny, and as a state, we must head for ever new victories. But I also want to emphasize that the realization of these dreams depends on each one, especially on me and my government,” the Prime Minister continued.