New York Times: Armenia was established in 2492 a. C.

The New York Times has referred to the origin of the Armenian people, bringing the data of a genetic study conducted by the team of Sanger Institute, which confirms the thesis of 5th century Armenian historian Movses Khorentasí, that Armenia had been established in 2492  B C.

According to The New York Times, the genomes of 173 Armenians from Armenia and Lebanon were scanned by geneticists and compared the genomes of 78 other people from around the world. The study showed that the Armenians are a mixture of ancient populations whose descendants now live in Sardinia, Central Asia and other regions. According to the study, the mixture of genomes continued until the end of the Bronze Age, when the eastern Mediterranean civilizations collapsed and Armenians were isolated. Since then, no significant changes were found in the genomes of the Armenians.

This is how the researchers explain the conservation of many of the characteristic aspects of Armenian culture, such as the unique alphabet and language.

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