Armenian law enforcers find new accomplices behind hostage standoff

As part of its continuing probe into the recent hostage drama in Yerevan, Armenian law enforcement officers have found, and apprehended individual members of a group which assisted the gunmen.

The inquest revealed that the truck, used for storming into the patrol police regiment last Sunday, was seized from its owner under the threat of retribution against family members. Meantime, the National Security Service (NSS) says that several members of the group urged accomplices outside the headquarters to break through the police lines with bottles filled with petrol and oil to take seized weapons.

Seven policemen, including the deputy chiefs of Yerevan Police and Armenian Police, were held hostage under the threat of violence. Three were later freed for different reasons.

The regiment’s deputy commander, Colonel Artur Vanoyan, was wounded fatally hours after the building’s seizure.

The NSS says it continues undertaking the necessary measures to resume negotiations with the armed group to urge them to surrender.