‘Arabian Nights,’ a cover for Turkey’s negationist regime


The popularity that has claimed the Turkish soap opera “Arabian Nights”, released a few weeks ago on channel 13 with high ratings, is being suggestively used to flush the image of the Turkish regime.

In this television fiction, a totally syrupy aspect of Istanbul society is shown, which is enough to cause copious comments and media reports on “modernity”, “Westernization” and “moderate Islam” of Turkey.

Regardless of the content of the TV novel, which naturally is not put into question, it´s curious however check that all media observations about the country of origin, omit to note that this is a nation in which the political regime denies freedom of expression, with significant numbers of political prisoners, and it maintains the same denialist policies of his predecessors regarding the Armenian Genocide, a crime against humanity in which a million and a half people died and that just this year the 100th anniversary is met.

Therefore, it is expected that the Turkish State further increase the substantial sums allocated to a constant campaign of silence and denial of this historical truth, in order to counter the important preparations that the Armenian community is organizing all around the world to commemorate the tragedy and continue to demand justice and reparation claim that in our country will be reflected with transcendent activities throughout the year, of which the central act of April 29 at Luna Park stadium is most significant.

In this context, it is difficult to take as a coincidence the sudden appearance of this soap opera and turkish propaganda, as it joins other striking events such as the recent participation of the Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs, Héctor Timerman, in a Turkish ambassadors meeting held in Ankara, where the Turkish president. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has said his government “actively challenge the Armenian claims to Turkey and other states to recognize the so-called Armenian Genocide”.

As if that were not enough, according to press reports, Erdogan would visit Argentina soon, right at the time when the Armenian community will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the genocide of his people. They say he would be accompanied by the protagonists of this TV novel, which, according to news sources, will be culminating fair April 24, exact date is the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

If confirmed this visit, it constitutes almost a provocation and an affront to the memory of a million and a half martyrs, and come in clear contradiction with the policy of Human Rights, that holds at present our country iwhich in regard to genocide against Armenians, had a categorical recognition by enacting the National Law 26,199, during the government of Néstor Kirchner.

Memory, truth and justice are fundamental pillars on which every society must be based. These values ​​are not being honored by the Turkish government. It is an unfortunate fact that a soap opera can not cover.