France company stands ready to invest in Armenia

The Schneider corporation of France is ready to make investments in Armenia, economist Gagik Makaryan, Chairman of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, said at a press conference on Wednesday.

In his words, there are no problems with investing in Armenia, from the economic point of view.

“A high-level delegation of the world-renowned Schneider company will visit Armenia tomorrow [i.e. Thursday],” noted Makaryan. “A meeting with the PM will take place on the same day. The company representatives are interested in opening an office in the republic.”

He stressed that Schneider is a quite reputable corporation that specializes in solar and wind energy, and education.

“They have plants in the CIS [i.e. the Commonwealth of Independent States] countries, including in Russia,” added Gagik Makaryan. “A visit by the representatives of such a company can generate the interest of other world-renowned companies as well.”