Argentinian Celebrity campaign in support of the Armenian community

IMG_5298Numerous pictures of outstanding personalities of Argentinian artistic, journalistic and cultural field holding a sign with the logo of the centenary of the Armenian Genocide with the phrase “Todos con Armenia” (“Everyone with Armenia”), are circulating on social media as part of the commemoration of this crime against humanity yet Unrecognized.

In the photos you can see very famous personalities of Argentina like the actors Ricardo Darin, Antonio Gasalla, Luis Brandoni and Diego Capusotto; ,journalists Jorge Lanata, Víctor Hugo Morales, Jorge Rial, Alfredo Leuco, Beto Casella, Guillermo Andino and Luis Majul, among many others, in solidarity with the Armenian people.

The campaign was organized by the youth group of the Armenian Center of Argentina, and photographs can be seen on their Facebook page:

Diego Binayan, member of the organization, said that “all celebrities were with excellent predisposition to this move, demonstrating also big commitment with the Armenian Genocide recognition, so we are very grateful to those who participated.”

In turn, he marked that although they have already posted many pictures of celebrities supporting the Armenian Cause, they still have many more to be uploaded in their Facebook account.

Yesterday, April 24, exact date on which the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was commemorated, many famous figures also expressed their solidarity in social networks, and the hashtag #GenocidioArmenio, was trending topic.