U.S. Embassy: No changes made for Armenia nationals and dual nationals after Trump’s order

The U.S. Embassy in Armenia has disseminated a clarification on the visa procedure after U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order.

The statements reads, in particular: “The recent Executive Order signed by U.S. President Donald Trump results in no changes in visa eligibility requirements for Armenian nationals or dual nationals applying on their Armenian passports, and the visa interview-related policies contained in the Executive Order were already in place at U.S. Embassy Yerevan and entail no changes to our visa processing procedures: applicants with valid visas or visas that expired no more than 12 months ago can renew without an in-person interview, while applicants with prior visas that expired more than 12 months ago must appear for an in-person interview. Also, interviews are waived for diplomatic and official visa applicants.

As always, a consular officer must require that any applicant appear for an in-person interview in any situation where information provided on the application or during the screening process indicates any reason for further questioning. We also emphasize that all visa applications, including cases for which the visa interview is waived, are subject to the same rigorous security screening.”


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