PM Pashinyan, Donald Tusk discuss development prospects of Armenia-EU ties

President of the EU Council Donald Tusk has shared photos of Armenia’s Sevanavank Monastery on his Facebook page.

“Armenia is an integral part of the European family and culture. A place of authentic people who cherish freedom,” Mr. Tusk said in the post.

“Sevanavank is a monument that testifies to Armenia’s millennia-old imprint on Europe’s culture,” he added.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said “EU will support water management, as agreed during the recent visit of PM Pashinyan in Brussels.”

Donald Tusk also shared a video summing up his trip to Armenia.

“Yesterday, I was in Yerevan. Positive dynamics in Armenia have created new opportunities for cooperation. The EU will work closely with Armenia to the benefit of all Armenians,” he captioned the video.


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