Pope welcomes Armenia’s commitment to reinforce ties with the Holy See

Armenia’s Ambassador to the Holy See Garen Nazarian handed his credentials to Pope Francis.

Amb. Nazaryan conveyed warm greetings from Armenian citizens and elected authorities. He said the memories of the Pope’s historic visit to the First Christian nation are still bright in Armenia.

The Ambassador expressed gratitude for the Pontiff’s principled stance on the Armenian Genocide recognition, which, he said, is a crucial step towards solidarity between peoples and states.

Mr. Nazarian noted that the decision to declare Armenian poet and monk, Saint Gregory of Narek Doctor of the Universal Church further reinforced the bridge between unity and belief.

The Ambassador pledged to spare no effort to ensure continuing expansion of inter-state relations in various spheres.

Pope Francis welcomed the willingness of the Armenian authorities to further develop bilateral ties with the Holy See anchored on the longstanding friendly relations between Armenia and the Vatican.