From political to economic revolution: Armenia’s acting PM encourages entrepreneurship

Armenia is at an important stage of development where the political revolution should transform into an economic one, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says.

According to him, the business community should be the “biggest partner” in the process.

“We rely on the talent of our business people, because, as I have said on many occasions, entrepreneurship requires special talent, just like creating a masterpiece of art or marking breakthrough in science,” Pashinyan said at a meeting with businessmen.

He added that the government’s role is to encourage people so that the talent is fully exposed.

The cting PM said that the number of entrepreneurs has drastically reduced in the party lists ahead of the forthcoming parliamentary elections and ascribed this to the political processes taking place in Armenia.

He underlined, however, that this can in no way be interpreted as downplaying of the status of businessmen.

“On the contrary, we are confident and we want to have more businessmen in Armenia, whose status will be higher than that of Members of Parliament, Ministers or any other state officials,” he added.

He further elaborated that “this should not be interpreted as downplaying of the status of state officials.”

“I believe there should a clear-cut role distribution in creating the future of the country and the business and economy should not be politicized. I think this meets everyone’s interests,” Nikol Pashinyan stressed.