Armenia official confirms electricity price hike

The price of electricity will increase in Armenia. Chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC), Robert Nazaryan, stated the above-said to reporters on Tuesday. He added, however, that is still not known how much this price hike will be.

Nazaryan informed that they have reviewed the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) company’s petition, and they will inform about their respective position most likely in a week.

“[But] one thing I can clearly say: the ENA petition did not reflect any element of luxury in the price,” Nazaryan said.

Robert Nazaryan added that there are several components that make an electricity price hike apparent.

The ENA has petitioned to the PSRC, with a request for an electricity price hike in Armenia. If this request is granted, it is expected to be followed by an increase in the prices of first necessity goods in the country.