Armenia could benefit from Georgia port construction project

Georgia is prepared for construction of the largest cargo port in the Black Sea, which will form part of a new Silk Road between China and Europe.

Armenia could also benefit from the project estimated at US $2.5bn, economist Ashot Yeghiazaryan told

“A Georgian-American company won a contract for port construction. The port will be capable of serving vessels with a boat load of up to 120,000 ton. The annual designed capacity of the port is 100 million tons. Interestingly, cargo traffic currently totals 25 million tons in the South Caucasus,” Mr Yeghiazaryan said.

The construction of such a cargo port suggests further large-scale regional programs. Cargoes are expected to be transported from Europe to Iran, Middle East and vice versa, with Armenia being the corridor.

“Iran is determined to have alternative ways besides Turkey and Russia, which is beneficial for it. Iran’s partner in this process is the European Union (EU), which is viewing the Iranian market as an important future market, while highlighting the South Caucasus, which, in turn, implies Armenia and Georgia are being viewed as part of the European economic area,” Mr Yeghiazaryan said.

Asked how Armenia could make use of this corridor, he said that Iran made a proposal to Armenia and experts held meetings in Tehran and Sofia.

“As to the rest, it is up to Armenia to decide. They want to see Armenia involved in the project. And it is the right way in the context of the country’s interests.”

It is an opportunity for closer cooperation with Georgia and Iran in transport, trade and other areas. Otherwise, being involved in different economic structures does not ensure progress.