Armenia named Free Country on Internet freedom report

Freedom House has named Armenia a Free Country in its annual Freedom on the Net 2018 report.

Together with Gambia, the country earned upgrades in its internet freedom status among the 19 states showing overall improvements in their annual scores.

The organization rates countries as Free, Partly Free and Not Free, giving lower scores to states with a higher degree of internet freedom.

Freedom House bases its evaluations on political rights and civic freedoms.

Armenia scored 27 out of 100 in the latest report, rising from from a Partly Free to Free country. The authors attribute the progress to the successful use of the social media, communication apps and live-streaming services in the period of the ‘Velvet Revolution’ (which brought about major political changes in spring).

Georgia and Turkey, which scored 66 and 85, respectively, were rated as Not Free, while Azerbaijan was among the Partly Free countries with its score of 60. Georgia’s score of 25 places it as the second Free Country in the South Caucasus region.