Armenia has new political party

The Civil Accord union of Armenia on Saturday announced about founding a political party in the country.

Civil Accord Governing Board member, opposition Armenian National Congress bloc MP Nikol Pashinyan stated about the aforementioned at the founding congress of the Civil Accord.

“First and foremost, an institutional opposition needs to be created to make changes in the country,” Pashinyan said. “And this is exactly what we will do.”

He noted that the new party will run in the state authority and local government elections in Armenia.

“We will receive a majority of votes in elections and become the country’s president not for the seat, but to make substantial changes to the country,” the opposition MP stated, in particular.

Pashinyan stressed that the implementation of their strategic plan requires an unprecedented consolidation. Hence, the MP called on all Armenians to join them and fight together.

“One-person-centered decisions are not made in our organizations,” Nikol Pashinyan added. “The ruling out of the factor of a super leader is one of the key features here; it shall be governed by the principle of collegiality.”